Know us Better

Ever since 1953, decency and dedication to quality have been the trademark of KOSTELIDIS NURSERIES, which have made our company highly esteemed and recognizable.

The founder, Stefanos Kostelidis, has been the first pioneer of nurseries in northern Greece. He tirelessly and caringly set the cornerstones and the know-how for fruit, ornamental and forest trees growth. Later, his son, Isaak Kostelidis, extended the family business and rendered it the top choice for nurseries in Greece. With the same level of care and staying true to the same values, the third generation of the company followed the father’s and grandfather’s footsteps to further fulfill the divergent needs of a variety of customers.

KOSTELIDIS NURSERIES is a private firm located in Kopanos, Imathia, which is focused in the cultivation, growth and commercial distribution of trees. We offer a wide range of plants in affordable and competitive prices. In addition, we custom-cultivate plant of any species and in any amount.